Numeric Domains 101: 4 is bad, 8 is good, what about the number 9?

As the numeric domain name market heats-up to a level we’ve never seen before, more and more domain investors are jumping in and learn as they go. I for one can tell you I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to numeric domain names so like so many other Domainers, I’m learning as I go. Less than 5% of my portfolio is numeric domains but it is a category that I’m buying in, reading about, and talking to other investors about to get a pulse on where the opportunities are right now.

I have also been enjoying the blog series hosted by TLD Registry on Chinese Domaining. This past week they released their latest post in the series focused on the number 9:

The number nine in Chinese culture is said to symbolize limitations, however that does not necessarily give it a negative meaning. Contrarily, the number nine represents the farthest possible reach of mortal effort. It’s the largest possible single-digit number, which actually represents power and prestige. (Read more)

One fun fact I learned in this article is that the Forbidden City (Beijing’s old imperial palace) has 9,999 rooms, that’s 9,997 more than I have!

Forbidden City

Photo Credit: paulmcdee via Compfight cc

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton