Numeric Domain Analysis: Why just sold for $493 just sold for $493 after 29 bidders fought to buy this numeric domain. Pretty nice sale price for a 7N .COM and it gives some good insight into how much emphasis buyers are putting on good numbers and repetition. I thought it would be fun to start analyzing numeric domain sales and doing a deep dive into what made the particular domain valuable. Unless regular words that we all know, numbers and their meaning is new territory for most of us, but it doesn’t have to be, let’s dive in and understand this sale.

I’d like to also note that I am just learning the numeric domain market myself so if you see a major error in my analysis please comment and correct it!

Three ones at the beginning, two eights in a row, and ending with two two’s. Here’s why this sequence of numbers matters to a buyer.

The number one – one sounds like the Chinese word for “want” which actually makes it a weaker number, unless it’s repeating in which case it’s considered lucky. In this case three ones in a row seems to have buoyed the price of this name because of the repetition.

The number eight – one thing I think we all know is that 8’s are lucky, super lucky, and two 8’s together as even luckier making this name that much more valuable.

The number two – good things come in pairs right? That’s what numeric domain investors think as well, and once again a solid number repeated is even better.

What’s so interesting about this sale is that if a single number four was added somewhere my guess is that this domain wouldn’t have sold for even half this price.

What do you think? Is my analysis sound for this sale?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton