NoMatterWhat(.)com – from $360 purchase to $22,999 sale with Logan Flatt

There’s nothing I love more than seeing good, talented, hard-working people succeed. I’ve known Logan for probably a decade or longer now (maybe he can remind me!) and it’s been awesome to watch him thrive in the domain investing world.

What Logan was able to show early-on is a good eye for brandable domains that resonate with end users. His most recent sale, NoMatterWhat(.)com is yet another example of Logan in action.

As he mentions in his tweet, Logan originally purchased NoMatterWhat(.)com for only $360 back in 2011. While my guess is he likely could have sold it for a few thousand dollars much quicker, Logan waited and well, it was clearly worth the wait.

Logan also shared a bit more detail about the sale. The domain was actually listed for sale on Squadhelp for $26,436 and an offer came in for $15,000. Logan set a floor at 80% of his BIN and Squadhelp brokers captured the 7% discount, a 13% discount to BIN.

As for who bought the name, it looks like a marketing agency picked up the name for a client which means there’s a good chance we’ll likely see this name in action in a TV commercial or online ad before we know it. Congrats to Logan, nicely done and as always thanks for sharing with the community!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton