New Startup “Lovely” Brands with – Is A Domain Purchase In Their Future?

Lovely is an innovative new startup that is making a tool to aid in apartment hunting. The company is funded by A-List backers like SV Angel and 500 Startups and while the service is called “Lovely” they’ve decided to launch on While “Live Lovely” is catchy, does it make sense as their domain name in the long term since they now have a few bucks to play with?


From a branding standpoint Lovely really does seem like the brand and “Live Lovely” is an awesome tagline. Could Lovely be thinking the same thing? If so they’d probably first look at which is owned by a record label in New York City. It looks like a reasonably maintained site and since Lovely Music Ltd has been around since 1978 something tells me they won’t want to part with their brand-name .COM.

Lovely Music Site

I would imagine that it couldn’t hurt to send an email to Lovely Music and see what they’d be willing to part with the name for, however I wouldn’t count on this happening. The next domain I think of is – startups have been enjoying domain hacks like this for a while now and it could be a good fit. Well it turns-out that is owned by Quotidian Ventures, an early-stage seed fund.


This is a whole different story now. Since this is a venture firm, a company that focuses on funding new companies, I would think this name was purchased for a potential brand they would someday invest in. If so then it’s clear they haven’t yet invested in the brand and if approached by a startup I could see them selling it for something in the $x,xxx range.

Of course there’s and but I think in this case going after the .COM or the .LY makes for a better brand. But who the heck cares what I think! What do you think? Should a brand called “Lovely” stick with or pick a domain that exactly matches their brand name? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton