New Domains Posted on DNForum

A few times a week I post domains for sale through This has been an excellent sales channel for me and I’ve written before about how to best create effective sales listings on DNForum. I decided that I will post on my blog the domains I’m selling through DNForum.

Many of the domains that I sell have excellent flip potential and were bought for that purpose. As we acquire more and more names we have to continually go through our portfolio and pick-out those we won’t be able to develop right now.

While it is sometimes sad to see domain sell that we know could have become big money-makers – you can’t keep them all. With each great idea comes the time and energy to bring the idea to fruition. I hope that by making these available to my readers as well you might find some great domains for your next flip!

So – here’s what’s for sale on DNForum right now:






I would like to offer a 10% discount to any blog readers. So if you wish to buy one of these domains let me know that you’ve read this posting and I’ll make sure you get your discount!

Now, time to get back to work on Kayaking(dot)org – just another Saturday in the world of Domain Flipping!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton