Anatomy of a Flip: Kayaking(dot)org – Part 2

As the 23rd is now only two days away – it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. As you can see – domain flipping doesn’t take hundreds of hours – in fact – we haven’t spent an hour of work on Kayaking(dot)org this week. With just about an hour of time today we are still easily on-track to hit our July 23rd goal.

Today the ‘Contact Us’ page as well as ‘Kayaking Trips by State’ section were created. Once again the Amazon Affiliates program provided everything we needed to put together an excellent collection of kayaking books related to trips within a particular state. Later we can easily add DVD’s, You Tube Video’s, etc. to this page. To start with Amazon content is great for monetization and books are a great way to provide a valuable resource to your visitors.

The clock is ticking…can we get it done, less than 48 hours until the deadline! Stay tuned as we finish Kayaking(dot)org.

You can view the current version of the site here.

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And now your moment of Domain Flipping Zen:

One essential lesson that anyone developing websites should remember is that the key to creating reliable passive-income generating sites is through multiple forms of monetization. Stopping at just Adsense or standard text ads is limiting your profit potential and not giving your visitors the information they are looking for.

Just ask yourself one question – do you want your site to be a portal or a destination? We are transforming Kayaking(dot)org into a destination for kayaker’s online. By allowing our visitors to interact through forums and customized trip reports the site can grow and evolve all on it’s own!

And that is my first…moment of Domain Flipping Zen (Thanks for the idea JS!)

As always – Happy Flipping!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton