Anatomy of a Flip: Kayaking(dot)org – Part 3

With just one day to go – Kayaking(dot)org is now very close to being finished. Today we created two more internal pages for the site – Trip Reports and Kayaking Gear. Trip reports is an interactive feature that allows people to write-in reports of their favorite kayaking trips. This will be a great way to help people share their kayaking trips with each other – helping everyone learn new kayaking trips.

The kayaking gear section is also brought to us thanks to the Amazon Associates program. Amazon makes it very simple to build intricate web stores with products you pick by hand. It takes us about an hour for each page we build just to pick-out the amazon content we wish to display!

Now there are only two pieces left – the kayaking user forum and adding Google Adsense as a second form of monetization. In the future we can add three or even four forms of monetization!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when we finish kayaking(dot)org!

And now your moment of Domain Flipping Zen:

Don’t be afraid that your developed domain will not be a success. I think the classic quote from field of dreams says it all, "If you build it, they will come." And it’s true! Even if the first version of your site doesn’t perform as well as you expect, just remember, that’s the first version! Do you think NASA got the first space shuttle right? Greatness takes time – by taking the time to understand your target market and continuing to improve your sites you can be guaranteed that success will come!

As always – Happy Flipping!

You can see the current version of the flip live here.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton