New “Domain Of The Day” Newsletter Helping Investors Find The Diamonds In The Rough

In the Domaining world we all spend a lot of time evaluating potential investments. Everyone has their own methodology but many of us are looking for the same thing, high-quality domains at good prices. I personally have been very focused on the expired domain market this year and have been using a number of great tools to help me identify good investments.

For me knowing things like monthly Google searches and CPC is critical to my evaluation process. I’m always looking for more ways to save time and identify great investments so I was excited to hear about a brand new expired domains newsletter. What I really like about it is the focus on quality and providing the metrics I need. The newsletter is called Domain Of The Day and it is completely free, here’s how it works:

  • Free daily newsletter that highlights one valuable keyword-rich domain expiring within the following 3 days
  • Domains are screened beforehand based on their potential for investment or development
  • Data on the number of Google searches and average cost-per-click for AdWords advertisers is included to help subscribers make an informed decision

There have already been some absolutely stellar names in this newsletter including,, and This is a very welcome addition to the Domaining community and since it’s absolutely free there really is no reason not to sign-up today at

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton