Domain Development: Step-By-Step On Domain Masters

Yesterday I had the honor of hosting an episode of Domain Masters, the longest running podcast about Domaining hosted by Victor Pitts on I had a 30-minute spot and thought this would be a great opportunity to go step-by-step through the Domain Development process from acquisition to full developed site.


About half of the show is dedicated to the research behind finding good domains for development. One of the most common mistakes I see Domainers making when it comes to development is trying to build a site in a highly-competitive niche and expecting the domain to do all the SEO work for them. It is absolutely critical to research the market you plan to build in, understand who your competitors are, and know what it will take to get on the first page of Google.

I also cover things like backlink building and picking the right path for actually building-out your domain and populating it with content. The show ends with a brief discussion of monetization options and the best ways to get started generating revenue on your newly developed domain.

You can listen to the show streaming on or Download It to your iPod, iPhone, or Android Phone and listen to it on the go! Enjoy and please feel free to share any feedback you have in the comment section here or on Webmaster Radio. Also make sure to tune-in every Wednesday to Domain Masters, this is an absolute must-listen and has been part of my weekly routine for years now!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton