Network Solutions Claims 5-Year Registrations Increases Search Engine Ranking!

Network Solutions has just released a brand-new version of their site in an attempt to grab more of their steadily dwindling market-share. The new site focuses on their main brand message “Everything you need to succeed online” – which should really be re-worded to “Everything you need to go broke online”. Network Solutions has been in the game for a long time but has always been resistant to decreasing their pricing while companies like GoDaddy take the market by force.

A .com registration at Network Solutions costs $34.99 while GoDaddy,, and Moniker all offer .com’s for under $10!
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With the spiffy new site also comes some more great marketing, Network Solutions-style. When you try to register a domain – it suggests that you register it for a period of 5-years. The reasoning here is absolutely ridiculous – they say the following on their site:

“Registering a domain name for a longer term not only saves you money, it also helps to increase your search engine ranking. Consider a 5-year term.”
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All I can say here is “WOW.”

This is even going a bit far for Network Solutions and is aimed at blatantly taking-advantage of newbies. A five-year registration is $114 at Network Solutions which boasts a $60 savings! You could register 12 .com domains at GoDaddy for the same price!

It seems amazing to me that Network Solutions can get-away with saying this in their helpful “Did you know?” section.

Any new Domainers should stay as far-away from Network Solutions as possible. They’ve made a business of tricking people into thinking their prices somehow make sense and this blatant lie on their site is another example of how low they are really willing to go.

Does anyone from Network Solutions read my blog? If so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts – seems like this is a terrible way to run a business and at the end of the day your competitors will definitely come-out victorious, especially in this economy. Just to keep myself safe from the Network Solutions legal department I’ve included the following disclaimer below for this post.

Share your thoughts – how long can a company trick consumers and get-away with this kind of behavior?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton