Weekly Video: Domaining SEO Contest Launch!

There is a lot going on this week and I’m happy to bring it to all of you in this information-packed video.

First – it’s official – the Domaining SEO contest has officially started. To make sure everyone understand the contest rules – here are they are:

– You can enter one domain name in the contest

– This has to be a domain that does not currently and has never had a website on it

– This contest is all about SEO specifically focused on the Google search engine

– The goal of the competition is to get your domain as the very top (position 1) search result in Google before anyone else

– Once this happens you MUST email me and let me know so I can verify the results

– There will be prizes for the top three so even if someone already gets to the top before you there is still a chance to win an incredible prize

– To enter the contest simply email me – with the domain you’ll be using for the competition

– Winners will be announced and prizes awarded October 1st 2009

And the prizes are…

1st Place – Linton Investments custom SEO site. Includes 5-page SEO-optimized site with text and video content, SEO-report, submission to all major search engines, inbound links from five other sites in your category. This package sells for $399!

2nd Place – Domain Flipping eBook ($49.99) and 1-month free advertising on (128×128 ad – $50 value)

3rd Place – $50 GoDaddy Gift Card

That’s over $500 in prizes so submit your domains to and get ready to win big!

Also included in the video this week is my SEO Week Day 5 where I discuss the importance of video in SEO. This is an essential lesson for anyone taking-part in the contest.

As always thanks for watching and for anyone that has read this far I’ll give you a little added bonus. If you watch the video all the way through there is a surprise waiting for you at the very end. That’s all I’ll say for now! Enjoy the video and enter the contest now!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton