Namecheap is on a roll, adds 235,000 new customers in Q1

Here in San Francisco I’m finding it’s hard to have a discussion about domain names without someone talking about Namecheap. The registrar has been growing like crazy and has become a go-to registrar for startups and entrepreneurs.

What some people might not know is just how quickly Namecheap has grown over the years and where they are today. For starters, Namecheap is the second largest retail domain registrar in the world (Source) and they are on track to generate close to $150M in revenue in 2019.

The company just released their Q1 numbers and shared some great data like the addition of 235,000 new customers in Q1 and $37M in gross revenue.

Earlier this week Namecheap kicked-off a pretty interesting campaign focused on helping parents register domain names for their kids.

“Getting a domain name is the first step for establishing a child’s online presence. Namecheap introduces first ever campaign encouraging parents to register their kid’s first domain. Whether it is buying a domain with a baby’s name for future investment, or securing a piece of digital real estate for a kid’s first online project, there has never been a better time for parents to share and experience the Internet with their children.”Source – PR Newswire

I’ve been thinking about doing an interview with Richard Kirkendall and all of this exciting news is a good reminder to get that kicked off. So, that being said, I always love to include my readers in any way I can. Do you have any questions for Richard, if so feel free to add them in the comment section below and if they aren’t too crazy, I can include them in the interview!

Congrats to Richard and the whole Namecheap team, what a great start to 2019, and like they say, the best is yet to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton