NameBase almost beat their all time high marketplace volume in June

I saw an interesting tweet from NameBase today, they almost clocked in their highest volume month in June breaking past the 2.2M HNS mark. The only higher month that June was February when Namebase saw 2.6M HNS in transaction volume.

To put it all in perspective here’s the chart showing Monthly NameBase marketplace volume starting in May of 2020.

NameBase Marketplace Volume

Looking at this data it’s hard to ignore the fact that NameBase has had one heck of a 2021, and it I’m not exactly sure what happened in June to drive this volume but it could mean we’re in for an interesting summer in the Handshake domain world.

Today Johnny, the community manager at NameBase also shared a pretty funny tweet, or at least an image that I thought was funny enough to share:

HNS wave

Now I still think people who buy Bitcoin and Ethereum today can still ride the wave, but that being said, if the decentralized Internet does take off, these certainly are the very early days for HNS. While there are a lot of pieces that need to fall-into place for the entire Handshake domain ecosystem to go mainstream, the momentum is there and with the activity NameBase is seeing going into the summer, it’s clear there’s a lot of wind in the Handshake domain sails.

Of course, I always have to make sure to note in any post I make about Handshake domains that I’m not by any means saying people should stop buying .COM domains and jump into Handshake. When it comes to domains, I’m still a .COM guy, two-word .COMs to be exact. At the same time, I’ve always been a big fan of seeing how the industry is changing and seeking out new opportunities..and looking at the data NameBase just shared it’s clear there’s something interesting going on here.

Disclosures: I am an investor in HNS, Handshake domains, and companies in the Handshake ecosystem.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton