My tweet from earlier this week seems to have struck a chord with Domainers


On Wednesday, as I was walking to our office I was thinking about an offer I got on one of my domains recently. The buyer was insistent on buying the domain for the price that I paid, despite the fact that I bought the name five years ago and definitely bought at wholesale. I was trying to explain to him that in life, there are people who buy things at wholesale and sell them at retail. For example – any store you buy anything from.

That didn’t seem to resonate with him so then I thought I’d ask – do you own a home? “Yes,” he said.

Then I asked him when he bought his some. “20 years ago,” he said.

Great, then I said – why don’t we make it a fair deal then, you sell me your house for the price you paid, and I’ll sell you my domain for the price I paid. If you truly believe that when you buy something, the value stays the same forever and should be available to anyone in the future for that price, put your money where your mouth is…

That hit home. It’s weird but every once and a while you can break through, and this time it did. That being said, in the end I still didn’t end up selling the domain since his budget was way too low, but it got me thinking, and inspired this tweet, which it seems like a lot of people can relate to.

So next time someone is trying to buy that one-word .COM you bought back in 1996 for $100, just tell them, sure – if I can buy your house from you for the price you paid. Win-win, right?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton