Another five-figure expired domain sale is in the works at Go Daddy…and it’s a head scratcher


The summer of 2018 might be remembered as a magical time, where five-figure domains were expiring and the top ten sales had an even distribution of .COM and non .COMs. It’s a strange time, but an exciting time since there are some pretty fun domain auctions and sales to watch. The latest auction that caught my eye is a bit of a head scratcher – the domain is and it’s currently north of $46,000 on Go Daddy with more than eight days to go.

First things first, this is another case where Go Daddy’s “Estimated Value” seems to be way off. The frustrating thing about this is that whoever buys this will have to deal with the fact that a prospective buyer later down the road might think the domain is only worth ~$7,000. That being said, at first glance I couldn’t understand why this domain would even be worth that much…what was I missing.

So I put on my trusty old detective hat and started to dig deeper, what the heck was on in the past? Using my good friend, The Wayback Machine aka here’s what I found:


What did I find? A whole lotta nothing. Seriously, I’m perplexed here. It doesn’t look like there has been much development activity on this domain since 2003. I’m officially confused, why is this domain getting bidding activity close to the $50k range? What am I missing…because I’m certainly missing something.

This is where you, my reader can probably chime in and set me straight. Why is so valuable, or I guess, why do a handful of people seem to think it’s so valuable? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton