My Top 5 Black Friday Picks For Domain Name Investors

I hope all of my readers had a great Thanksgiving! I’m writing this post from my hometown of Berkeley, California after getting lunch on 4th street at one of my favorite spots. Given how busy our lives are it is nice to spend a few days with the family just enjoying some time together.

While I’m a fan of Black Friday deals, I’m not a fan of door busters or any of the in-store shopping mayhem that I find particularly ridiculous. Sorry but I just don’t understand why people would want to get up early on a day off, wait in the cold in a line, to run-into a store and grab a Westinghouse TV. You can buy just about anything discounted year-round online, and better quality vs. the junk stores are trying to get rid of (and do successfully!) on Black Friday.

As a domain investor what we invest in is all online, and all the services we use are online, so there’s really nothing we could get from a physical store anyways…another reason why I love domain names! Of course there are a countless deals out there, but I wanted to share five that I personally am taking advantage of so would recommend to other investors looking to enjoy savings that in this case, do only happen once a year.

  1. NameCheapI’m very impressed with the deals that NameCheap is running for Black Friday and already did very well with their $0.48/.CLUB registration deal that was available for an hour this morning. With deals on .CLUB, .COM, .XYZ, .CO, SSL Certificates and more this is about as cheap as it’s going to get until next year.
  2. Uniregistry – I call them the Apple of Registrars because of how clean their UX is and over the next five days they’ll be offering up to 94% on new gTLD registrations. This is of course a no-brainer since you could make 10x – 20x your money reselling a name for under $50.
  3. NamesCon – if you were on the fence for a minute about going to NamesCon, now really is the last time to get off the fence and get your ticket. You can get your ticket for $399 or if you bring a friend you can enjoy 2-for-1. They are also offering deals for sponsors so if you make a product or service that is used by domain investors this is also the best time to lock-in your sponsorship.
  4. WPEngine – over the years I’ve seen a lot of investors move from parking to development and WordPress is often the easiest way to get started. I host my blog on WPEngine and have been a huge fan of them for years, they are the best-of-the-best when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. You can get 30%-off today on monthly plans or really maximize the savings by purchasing a year in advance.
  5. Orthopedic Foam Seat Cushion – I’ll bet you didn’t expect something like this to make the list but if you’re sitting at a desk all day, this can make a real difference. While you might not normally want to spend $90 on a seat cushion today you can get it for 67% which might make it make a bit more sense.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton