Christmas came early for .CLUB

Suffice it to say .CLUB is officially on-fire, it is one of the fastest growing domain extensions in history and with over 420,000 domains registered things don’t seem to be slowing down. Strong interest in short and numeric domain names have earned .CLUB an additional 100,000 registrations in the last two weeks.

A big part of the recent growth has been strong interest in numeric .CLUB domains:

“Colin Campbell co-founder of .Club announced on Twitter yesterday that all domain names were all registered just 2 weeks after all domain names sold out.” (The Domains)

The recent growth has moved .CLUB into 5th place (according to nTLDStats) and it now represents more than 4% of the total amount of new gTLDs registered. Right now domain investors are trying to determine where the best investment-grade domains are in the numeric market and it looks like .CLUB is definitely a popular choice.

All that being said these are uncharted territory and I wouldn’t recommend new investors pump a bunch of money into numeric .CLUB domains, still it’s a good sign and an early hint at what could be ahead as Chinese investors take the Domaining world to a whole new place.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton