My Three Favorite Domaining Blog Posts: Week of 12/13/2009

I know December is a month where life in the Domaining world can slow-down a bit. Many people are heading-off on vacations with family or spending their money on Christmas presents rather than domain names. That being said – this year seems to be unstoppable and even though it’s December it feels like the industry is still charging forward at 10,000 miles an hour!

Excellent blog posts this week and it is great to see how much the blogging community has grown in 2009. It feels like we get a few new blogs every month and I am enjoying each and every new addition! Below is the top three for this week – please feel free to use the award below if you’re in the winners circle this week!

Chef Patrick – How Do You Explain What We Do?

Rick’s Blog – A new Role for an Old Timer. My Plans for 2010 and Beyond

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton