Weekly Video: First Southern California Domainer MeetUp

Jason was kind enough to film the first 30 minutes of my presentation at the Southern California Domainer MeetUp on Thursday. While there is a lot of background noise we were able to close the door about ten minutes in which makes it a bit easier to hear what I’m saying. That being said, the audio is still a bit challenging to hear on this video – but it’s the only video we’ve got and it was a historic night!

This was also all filmed using my personal point-and-shoot camera and for that reason I’m actually surprised you can see and hear me! I’ve included the full video but when I get back from my holiday vacation I’ll make a 10-minute version in case you don’t have the attention span for the entire video.

At future meetings I will be filming using my actual video camera and we will be in a much quieter location 🙂 Still I think you will enjoy the video and even if you can only make it through the first five minutes I hope you appreciate what an inspirational night it was!!

Don’t forget to join if you’re a Domainer in California or if you just want to learn more about Domain Investing – everyone is welcome 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton