My three domain investing New Year’s Resolutions

Well it’s official, 2020 is now behind us and that means it’s time to hit the ground running in 2021! While I’ve found that I’m making changes all the time to my domain investment strategy, every year I try to take a big step back and come up with a handful of key changes I want to make.

What I’ve always found so interesting and exciting about domain name investing is the sheer number of opportunities that are out there. Without fail, when I talk to other domain investors from around the world at conferences I come across a few people that just blow my mind with what they’re doing in the space. These are usually people who went deep in areas that other people weren’t looking, and finding these on my own is one of my favorite things about being a Domainer.

So enough backstory – let’s get to my domain investing resolutions for 2021:

  1. Buy more domains directly from owners – like many domain investors, I buy a lot of my names through expired domain auctions at popular marketplaces like Go Daddy Auctions and NameJet. I keep telling myself that I really need to branch out and start doing some direct outreach. The idea here is to identify domains that someone bought, usually for a project or a company, stopped using, still owns it and may or may not have thought about selling it. While this has been a pretty standard practice for a lot of domain investors in the .COM space, there are some ccTLDs I invest in that I think this approach could work well with and I’m looking forward to giving it more focus in 2021.
  2. Add more names to sites like BrandBucket and Squadhelp – I know enough people who did great on brandable domain markets like BrandBucket and Squadhelp last year that I realize it’s time I put more names out there. While marketplaces like Sedo and Afternic certainly move their fair share of domains, I do think brandable domain marketplaces that match your domain with a logo and provide a more enticing format to highlight your domains can make a difference. Like any marketplace, I’m not expecting gangbuster sales but I do think it’s hard to argue that the more eyeballs you get on your domains, the more likely they are to sell.
  3. Experiment more with different landing page designs –  I use Efty for my landing pages and keep trying to remind myself to experiment more with different landing page options. Efty has a huge library of landing pages and I want to go more in-depth this year both with customizing the text on my landing pages and using different designs. I have also been going back-and-forth for a while now on whether to stick with pages that just ask someone to get in touch vs. landing pages that ask for a specific offer. I’ll continue to experiment with these options this year to see which ends up performing the best.

Okay, there are my domain investing New Year’s Resolutions – feel free to share yours in the comment section below or comment on any of mine.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton