My predictions for the NamesCon 2016 Domain Auction

This Monday one of the biggest domain auctions in history is taking place in Las Vegas as part of the annual NamesCon domain conference. They have just shy of $7M in pre-bids and as we all know, in auctions, things always go higher so this is as low as it’s going to get.


There are some absolutely monster domains in the auction from solid short numeric domains like,, and along with some incredibly valuable short .COMs like and

I will be bidding in the auction and have my eye on a few names that would be a great addition to my portfolio. This auction will tell us a lot about where the market is now from a pricing standpoint, and where investors are putting their money when it comes to specific categories of domains.

Without a doubt 3L and 3N domains are going to sell like hotcakes at high prices, but I think one of the two-character .COMs will likely take the cake for the overall highest sale. So here’s my predictions:

  • will be the highest selling name
  • 3L and 3N .COMs will sell into the six-figure range, the numeric domains without 0’s or 4’s will do the best, the 3L’s without vowels will do the best.
  • .CLUB and .XYZ will set new pricing benchmarks on their assets
  • I think will be the highest selling .CLUB domain, really like that one!
  • Most average new gTLD names will sell in the ~$1,000 range with the exception of some of the one or two-character names that will go into the mid five-figure range
  • The two-word .COMs aren’t going to be as hot as they have been in recent years. I still think they’ll sell but I think the prices won’t be as high as many might be thinking

So those are my predictions, now let’s hear yours! What do you think the top domain sale will be in the auction? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton