What does Apple buying car-related domain names tell us?


Like a virtual wave making its way across the Internet news broke today that Apple bought a number of car-related domain names like Apple.cars and Apple.autos. We’ve known for a while now that Apple is working on their own car but these registration sparked rumors that we could be approaching a time where Apple jumps in the ring with Tesla and Google.


Here’s the magic question – do these domain registrations reveal anything beyond what we already know? There have been articles about Apple building an electric car for a long time now, there is even speculation that the vehicles will launch in 2019.

So what do these domain registrations tell us? I don’t think they tell us anything about Apple’s progress on their electric car. What it does tell us is that new domain extensions like .CAR and .AUTO are seen as meaningful to one of the biggest companies on the planet. I’d also imagine this is a more defensive move rather than domains they plan to use outside of forwarding.

What do you think? Do these registration tell us anything about Apple’s plans for their first foray into the auto industry or is this instead just standard procedure to protect a brand across new digital assets?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton