Must-Watch: DomainSherpa Interviews Andrew Rosener

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ve seen a welcome new face in the Domaining blog community this year – DomainSherpa. Michael Cyger has been putting-together some absolutely incredible interviews and he recently did one with Andrew Rosener of Media Options that I really think is a must-watch for Domainers of all skill levels.

If you don’t know Andrew he is one of the top Domainer-brokers out there and responsible for the $440,000 sale of earlier this year (go dot org!) which is currently in the top 5 domain sales for 2011.

I met Andrew at a conference last year and have to say – this guy knows his stuff. Andrew is one of those guys that has the right gut feel for Domains and he makes a nice living as a domain broker and investor. Andrew is also someone that I look to for advice in better understanding the domain flipping and sales market which as you all know is something I’ve been working at learning more about. Andrew has always taken the time to help me out and honestly the advice he gives is absolute gold.

If you want to learn about how to value Generic Domain Names, Andrew is your guy and the Domain Sherpa interview with Andrew is definitely a must-watch. Below are a few of the key points I thought Andrew brought-up in the interview:

  • Use the Google Adword Keyword Tool to find exact-match search volume and CPC
  • Andrew’s formula for calculating domain value – (# Searches) x (% Click-thru) x ($ per Click) x (24 Months)
  • Adding a hyphen to a domain name typically will make it worth 5%-10% of the corresponding non-hyphenated domain
  • For building a brand .COM is king
  • In hot lead generation spaces like insurance domains are more and more selling to lead generation companies rather than end-users
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton