My Picks for the DOMAINfest Barcelona Auction

Moniker has released a nice preview of the names that will be part of their auction at DOMAINfest Barcelona. You can view the full list of names at this link. There are some absolutely stellar names in this auction and below I’ve listed a few names that I think are really out of this world.

domainfest_barcelona – I’m a frequent traveler and this term is used all the time in the travel world. The whole mileage points world is a big one and a lucrative one with tons of companies participating. – another unbelievably travel name. This is definitely a name that a major travel brand could live on. Given the number of people that are looking for low fares online this is easy to remember and has lots of potential. – everyone wants to learn a new language, outside of I can’t think of a better domain for this. – this one really jumps-out at me for a job-related company. Everyone has skills or qualifications that could make them a great fit for a particular job, tie in some cool social media interactions and this could give a run for their money…if they don’t buy it! – I actually thought the reserve on this was a typo at first. This is the future home of either a TripAdvisor-live service for England or a travel site focused on tourism in England either way it’s a solid one-word at a great price. – everyone now has become a videographer thanks to the phone in their pocket. Smartphones have changed the game and video compression is a key piece to the puzzle, especially when you want to stream a video online.

As the catalog continues to grow I’ll update my picks, one things is certain though, there are some great names in this auction and amidst the tapas and sangria there will be an exciting domain auction!

Click here to view the current Auction Catalog

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton