MOZ launches free domain name SEO analysis tool

The SEO gurus at MOZ, a company famous for making some pretty awesome (but not free) SEO tools, has decided to take the free route for a spin with a new domain name SEO analysis tool. Here’s the skinny from the Moz blog:

One thing Moz does extremely well is SEO data: data that consistently sets industry standards and is respected both for its size (35 trillion links, 500 million keyword corpus) and its accuracy. We’re talking things like Domain Authority, Spam Score, Keyword Difficulty, and more, which are used by tens of thousands of SEOs across the globe.

With Domain Analysis, we wanted to combine this data in one place, and quickly show it to people without the need of creating a login or signing up for an account.(Source – MOZ Blog)

I recently had someone reach out to me who was interested in buying domain names that had a good backlink profile. I told him that I don’t buy domains based on backlinks but I know there are some people who do and with this new (and free) tool from Moz I’m guessing more people will.

Of course there’s a lot more tools out there besides Moz, if you want a good list of SEO analysis tools feel free to check out some other options here.

There’s been an age-old debate about whether backlinks die after a domain name expires. I’ve changed my views on this over time and recently I’ve been in the “the backlinks still carry some juice” camp. But like I said, I don’t buy domains based on backlink profiles nor do I spend a lot of time researching SEO so what do I know? 🤷‍♂️

Do you research the backlink profiles of the domains you buy or try to buy domains based on how many backlinks they have? If so, how’s it been going?

Thanks to Moz for making a free SEO tool, I’m looking forward to taking it for a spin!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton