Morgan’s Flippa Five: Brandable Domains for Startups


Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Now that so many of my readers are startup founders I thought it was time to transition my Flippa Five series away from domain investments and instead focus on domains that startups could use in re-branding or initially branding their companies.

So like I do every week, I have combed through the list of domain names on Flippa but this time rather than looking at domains that would make a good investment I’ve identified five domains that could be a great fit for a startup. Enjoy! – this could be a great domain for a startup in the travel space, incredibly easy to remember, easy to spell and a word that means something to everyone. – from startups helping doctors offices move away from paper to startups digitizing documents there are a lot of uses for this name in a world that surprisingly is still going digital. – one app to rule them all. I could see this as a great domain for a startup that makes it easy to keep a bar tab using your smartphone rather than using that old clunky credit card. – I’ll be honest when I say I don’t particularly like .NE domain names and if you’re investing in domains I’d stay away from this extension. Still, drones are hot and only getting hotter and this is the one domain that literally is drone.

Typenote – building a competitor to Evernote? Here’s your domain.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton