Was Down, Then Up, Then Down Again, And We’re Back!

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the people who reached-out to me over twitter, email and text. Suffice it to say that I was reminded quite a few times that the blog was down and Pressable was definitely burning the midnight oil getting things fixed.

When you deliver an exceptional service with exceptional support (which is what Pressable does) I’m willing to weather these storms. Yes, it is disappointing to miss-out on a chunk of traffic but love the Pressable team and can tell you they have made my life a lot easier over the years.

So it should be back to normal over here, if not I can tell you that Pressable will have it fixed. Thanks to the whole team over there, I know this has been a tough 24-hours and I can tell you that you still have a lifetime customer here.

Thanks again to everyone who made me aware of the outages, it’s awesome to see my blog reach so many people. Now let’s get back to the good stuff!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton