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Merry Christmas! There’s something magical about Christmas, maybe it’s the focus on family or friends, or the magic of children who believe a fat man in a red suit goes down their chimney at night. Either way it’s a very special day and a time to relax and be with family, so honestly, you shouldn’t be reading this post! In fact, as you know if you read my post yesterday, I’m not writing this post on Christmas day but instead on Thursday night three days before. Ah the wonders of WordPress…

Right now Daina and I are in cabin in the snow in Big Bear enjoying a beautiful Christmas morning. I want to keep this post short since your focus really should be on your family and friends. I usually do a lot of reflecting on the year around the holidays and this year I feel very thankful, so I wanted to take a moment to thank some of my most active readers and people who have been following along with my blog since 2007.

Francois – first I want to thank Francois! If you look back at the very early days of my blog you’ll see Francois as an early commenter. has changed the industry and really brought us together in a way that other industries aren’t.

Leonard Britt – Leonard has been reading for a long time now and always posts some of the most detailed and insightful comments. I read every comment I get and have found Leonard to continually post some of the most well thought-out comments out there.

Jason Thompson – Jason has been following my blog since probably around early 2008. He reached-out early on for us to meet in person in LA and we’ve been friends ever since! We run the Los Angeles Domaining MeetUp together and have had some great adventures from New Years at a Bel Air Mansion to VIP seats for the Clippers. I consider Jason a true friend and he’s also one of the most insightful commenters I have!

Louise – Louise has been a major supporter and was the first person to comment on StartupNook which gives her all star status!

Uzoma – Another consistent commenter who’s been following along for long enough for me to not remember how long that is!

Poor Uncle – You’ll see Poor Uncle as a major commenter on a number of blogs. Poor Uncle is one of my favorites because he speaks his mind and shares in the conversation. That’s what it’s all about and I look forward to all the conversations ahead!

DomainFuze! – A new reader but very active commenter this year and a great voice to adding to the mix. I always like it when I see DomainFuze! show up in the comment list!

Ted Olson – this list would be incomplete if Ted wasn’t on it! Ted was one of my first blog readers as he commented on my blog a few months after I started writing it. Ted took the time early-on to respond to one of my posts and really inspired me to keep writing as these comments were one of the fist signs my blog had a pulse!

Teen Domainer – Brian and I have been blogging buddies for quite some time now and he’s always been a great commenter on my blog. I like that Brian can get into the tech-side of Domaining with me. Keep you eyes on Brian, he’s already done big things and something tells me he’ll be going even bigger over the next few years!

Jeff Schneider – Jeff’s been a avid commenter for a few years now and always has great feedback. All his comments also end with (Metal Tiger) which just sounds cool!

AndyO – Andy rocks! Read Andy’s comments and you’ll see that he is a really bright guy and we need more people like him in the industry. Andy – tell all your friends to become Domainers, we need more people like you!

I’m sure that I missed a number of people and I just want to say thank you to absolutely every one of my readers. What started as a way for me to keep notes for myself has turned into a blog that has become part of my everyday life. I can now say that I write every single day and have done so for more than four years.

This Christmas I am thankful to all of you who have followed my blog and kept my energy level where it is. Here’s to the next fifty Christmas’s! Okay, now this shot post really didn’t end-up being short, but I do get pretty darn reflective around the holidays! Now get back to your family and friends, they’re probably looking for you by now!

(Photo Credits: baltus15 on Flickr)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton