Domain Development Drops For The Week Of Dec 26th, 2011

I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday weekend! We just got back from an absolutely incredible adventures and I’m more excited than ever to start the week. Of course this means I’m taking a look at what’s dropping this week and searching for some domain development diamonds in the rough.

Once again, the basic criteria I’m looking for are:

  1. Search Volume – this is the most important for me, I like to see at least 1,000 exact-match searches with reasonable traffic around related terms as well.
  2. CPC – I have a very simple way of looking at this – the higher the CPC the more valuable customers in this niche are to companies. I think of this as getting more bang for your buck or being able to sell your traffic at a higher price. Great example of this is a debt site I run vs. a sports site, they both get roughly the same amount of visitors and clicks but the debt site makes 10x what the sports site makes! If the CPC is below $0.50 I tend to ignore it
  3. PR and Backlinks of Competition – last but certainly not least I want to understand what level of SEO the top three sites in Google have done. If they are all PR 6 sites with thousands of backlinks it could take me years to beat them. My goal is to find a niche where the top sites are PR0, PR1, and PR2 if I can.

Below are five great domain development drops that I’ve hand-picked to share with all of you: – 1,600 exact-match global monthly searches and a CPC of $6.93 puts this right in my crosshairs. Add the fact that investing is a great niche and this makes an excellent development candidate. If you’re already a stock market investor or know enough to be dangerous this could be a fun one to build-out. – 1,000 exact-match searches, a CPC of $2.19, an an original registration date of 1996 makes this a great development candidate. Not sure I need to say much more here, this is an easy one to remember in a niche full of monetization options from PPC to affiliate to lead generation. Note – I am bidding on this one, heck I really like it and would like to develop it myself! That doesn’t mean I still won’t share it with all of you! – this falls below my general rule of search volume above 1,000 however I’m willing to make an exception here given the niche and CPC. The keyword phrase “Liability Coverage” gets 720 exact-match global searches and has a CPC of $22.95. Insurance is one of the niches where I make plenty of exceptions to my rules above given how darn lucrative the niche is. Ranking well for the long-tail terms here like “personal liability coverage” and “general liability coverage” can help bring-in more traffic with other high-CPC related terms. – this is a nice two-word .COM, originally registered 11 years ago, and with a search volume of 1,300 exact-match global and a CPC of $2.30 it’s a nice development candidate. Don’t expect to make the payments on your Ferrari with this one but ranking well for this term, when coupled with a good affiliate program could mean a nice steady profit each month. – this is a great name and I’ll openly admit that I am bidding on this one. With an exact-match global search volume of 33,100 and a CPC of $0.63 this has a lot of potential. With search volume above 30,000 you can definitely assume there will be hundreds of type-ins a month as well. There are plenty of scripts you can easily install to provide Whois information along with opportunities to partner and work with a number of related services.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton