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I told everyone that I would share all of my SEO and link-building strategies on so I thought now would be a good time to give you an update. In case you missed last week’s post – “Landing Page Optimization – More Updates Made To” I thought I’d share with you the new front-page of

I am very happy with the new layout of the site and beginning my first round of link-building. To start link-building I begin by reaching-out to similar sites in the same niche. It’s pretty easy to find these sites, in this case I just search for “kayaking” in Google and Yahoo.

It’s the sites on the first page that are my initial link-building targets. By reaching-out to each of these sites and offering to have a link exchange I’m hoping to get some nice quality back-links to help improve my rank in Google. Back-links take time to develop but in a niche as saturated as Kayaking they are essential to ranking well in Google. This is the same technique I used back in 1995 and it really hasn’t changed too much!

Yahoo puts more emphasis on exact-match domains and you can oftentimes get on the first-page of Yahoo/Bing without doing much link-building. As you can see from the image below I’m in a great spot on Page 1 in Bing for “Kayaking.”

Still – the goal is to be on the first page of Google, Bing is a good start but by no means have I reached the search engine promise-land…yet.

So that’s the next step for me in the link-building process, sending emails to other site-owners in the space and hopefully getting a few good back-links to the site. I’m not looking for hundreds of links, just a few good links from other reputable sites. If you own a category-defining domain like it’s much easier to get link partners than if you site was on

Building a brand is a slow and steady process. I’m patient and know that by making the right moves when it comes to SEO and link-building early-on will set the site up for long-term success. I will also be writing some articles on popular article submission sites and will share that with you in a future post!

Stay-tuned and don’t forget to watch tonight at 7:00PM PST!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton