Lend.me Launches New Service to Borrow Money Using Domains + Websites

It’s 2014 so it should come as no surprise that things like a house or car aren’t the only collateral you can use to get a loan. With millions of dollars in domain names and websites selling every single month it’s clear there is real value to these digital assets, and Lend.me is now making it possible to get a loan using these digital assets as collateral.


Of course with a service like this it all comes down to who runs it and honestly I couldn’t think of a better person backing it, Francois Carrillo Domain Name industry veteran and owner/operator of some of dozens of websites. So here’s how it works:

  • Fill out a loan request, if approved by a loan advisor you’ll get a simple invoice for $35
  • Once the invoice is paid the loan will become available within 48 hours
  • If a member of Lend.me is interested in your loan they will contact you with their best offer
  • You decide whether to accept any offers that you receive

These loans are 100% secure and the borrower can continue to use their domain name throughout the life of the loan.

“Basically everyone should be able to request a loan putting domains or web sites as collateral, and have lenders compete for their loan.” (Francois Carrillo, founder Lend.me)

Hat’s off to Francois for making an innovative services that looks at loans in a whole new way. Just like Kabbage is innovating in the online loan space using Pay Pal, Francois is doing the same thing using domains and websites. I plan on lending myself so if you’re looking for a loan you might just get one from me 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton