Leaked! Private ICANN chat accidentally posted in public channel

Well this is an interesting one. Yesterday George Kirikos, shared an interesting Twitter Moment of a conversation on a public ICANN message board with a private chat that seems to have accidentally been broadcast publicly.


As you can see from the above screenshot, Berry Cobb from ICANN was apparently trying to send a private message to someone over at Verisign. That message ended up in the good old “Everyone” channel and the message was:

“I’m really curious why you VRSN guys haven’t hired up Kirikos yet. ;-)”

This is one heck of a compliment for George and certainly a well-deserved one since George has done an absolutely incredibly job uncovering all kinds of interesting data when it comes to domain names. Honestly, I can’t think of a single person who has done a better job that George when it comes to digging up sales data, UDRP information, etc.

Once Berry realized the chat was public he quickly deleted the message…but not before George took a screenshot and created this awesome Twitter moment:


While I know Berry didn’t want his chat message to get spread all over the Internet, it’s a really nice compliment for George and since I think George is a pretty awesome guy I wanted to help spread the good word as well.

The reality is, these things happen and let’s be honest, a lot worse things could have been said accidentally in public so if this is the worst ICANN leak I think they’re in good shape. Also I’m not really sure you’d call this a leak, but it sure sounded more exciting in the post title so I’m going with it.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton