Last chance to nab your NamesCon 2017 tickets before prices double


In case you missed the memo I thought I’d help save you money. NamesCon tickets double in price starting at midnight on November 16th. This means the price jumps from $399 to $799 so if you’re on the fence I’d recommend getting a ticket now to get you off the fence and into one of the top domain name conferences in the world.

Why am I so excited about NamesCon?

Well I’ve been going every single year since it started and I can tell you it’s an opportunity you have to see to believe. It’s the reason incredible people like my friend Konstantinos from flies all the way from Greece, and where you can win lose in soccer to people like Theo from


Yes, that’s me on a Segway (or a mini-segway) last year before the conference started. Thanks to the team at Sedo for letting me take one for a spin. While I can’t promise that you’ll Segway around the conference I can tell you that you’ll get to connect with domain name investors from around the world, entrepreneurs, angel investors, web developers, and other incredibly creative people. Oh and sometimes you might just watch someone get their head shaved and have the video to prove it!


Most of the conferences I go to now in the retail world cost around $3,000/person so I still feel very thankful that the domain industry has conferences like NamesCon that are available at a price point that honestly everyone should be able to afford. Couple this with inexpensive hotel rooms ala Tropicana and you’re in for an action-packed Vegas adventure.

All this being said I have had one regret every year I go to NamesCon…I never have enough time to catch-up with everyone. So I’ll give an early “I’m sorry” to those of you I don’t get to see but I do hope to see all of you and I’m sure going to do my best to make sure I do!

If you’ve been holding out, stop, buy your ticket, for under $400 it really shouldn’t be a second thought. And no, NamesCon is not a sponsor of my blog, while I love the folks that run it they don’t pay me a penny to write this. Oh and if the conference sucked, trust me, I’d tell you, but it doesn’t.

Ready to book – just go here to get your ticket before the price doubles.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton