Case Study: Efty Domain Sales Pages – Part One

Last week I wrote about a new case study that I’m expecting will likely run for around six months, comparing five different Domain Sales Page options. The reason I think this case study will take so long is because you really can’t collect data over a matter of weeks when it comes to judging the effectiveness of a landing page.

Even in a six-month time period I think I’ll only have a taste of what each of these services is like, but hopefully I’ll have enough data to put together a thorough analysis of the options I’ve picked. To start with I have created an account on and am going through the first step in their process – adding my domains to the platform.


Efty has a pretty interesting feature where you list the email addresses associated with the domains you want to add and it goes through the process of finding them for you. I’m going to take this for a spin and will be interested to see if they’re able to find all of my domains and equally interested in how long the process will take.

Every other service I’m evaluating asks you to essentially copy and paste a list of your names to add them to the platform, while that’s an option within Efty I think this is a pretty slick idea, if it works of course.

Stay tuned for part two, once my domains are imported I’ll be sharing the next step in the process with all of you.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton