KS.cc and 837.cc among top 15 domains sold on NameJet last week

I’m someone that has always paid attention to things in the domain industry that I think go against the norm. Those little opportunities that oftentimes don’t pan out, but pay big when they do. Of course I haven’t made millions chasing these niche opportunities so I’m not telling you that you should, but I am saying it’s hard not to pay attention to.


Often it’s little blips in the radar like this that might make you think twice about a domain you’d otherwise pass on. So when NameJet put out their sales list for last week I was not surprised in the least to see .COM dominate the top ten list. XLC.com took the top spot at $49,100 and KOV.com rounded out the top ten at $15,327. No surprises there except maybe that the buyer of KOV.com got a pretty solid deal IMO.

What did surprise me is two .CC sales, KS.cc for $22,560 and 837.cc for $15,000. While I’ve owned a handful of .CC domains over the years I’ve pretty much turned away from .CC as an extension that I want to put any investment dollars into. The vast majority of what I buy and own is .COM and I don’t see that changing apart from the .IO domains that I buy every now and then.

But I’m pretty surprised – $15,000 for a 3N .CC domain? That sold for more than QVM.com and eShare.com which both sold for closer to $13,000. If you keep scrolling down the list you’ll find everything else is pretty much .COM, but these two .CC names in the top fifteen was interesting to see.

I think if I was going to start investing more in .CC I’d probably take this as a lesson that only super short names and numerical domains would make sense, and to be realistic I’d probably be sitting on them for a long time to sell them anywhere near these prices. For now, I’ll just look at it as a blip in the radar, it’s clear from the list of sales from last week that .COM is still where all the action is…but it makes me think, am I missing out by not at least considering .CC?

What do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard! (and you can see the full list of sales from NameJet below)

xlc.com $49,100.00
svg.com $30,300.00
dzt.com $28,911.00
tlx.com $25,000.00
hpu.com $25,000.00
jju.com $25,000.00
mglobal.com $24,099.00
lwr.com $23,522.00
ks.cc $22,560.00
kov.com $15,327.00
unmillenniumproject.org $15,200.00
837.cc $15,000.00
vqb.com $15,000.00
4052.com $14,002.00
qvm.com $12,800.00
eshare.com $12,750.00
99980.com $12,210.00
domainlookup.com $10,650.00
happychef.com $10,357.00
telechargementz.tv $9,103.00
reps.com $8,095.00
10019.com $8,000.00
interra.com $7,700.00
homemonitoring.com $7,601.00
cityspace.com $7,600.00
usaid.com $7,000.00
cc222.com $6,720.00
palmreading.com $6,599.00
tingzhe.com $6,200.00
30188.com $6,110.00
teti.com $6,088.00
saviour.com $6,010.00
11513.com $6,000.00
delicatessens.com $5,905.00
wona.com $5,855.00
livetrading.com $5,750.00
poignant.com $5,701.00
damall.com $5,600.00
77234.com $5,033.00
qxxl.com $5,001.00
openenergy.com $4,988.00
86556.com $4,899.00
68876.com $4,899.00
commercebankfl.com $4,644.00
ncbank.com $4,413.00
edio.com $4,400.00
93668.com $4,399.00
shangwei.com $4,215.00
spew.com $4,204.00
somex.com $4,155.00
ekai.com $4,010.00
02c.com $3,900.00
fenla.com $3,878.00
reinventors.com $3,867.00
payroll.net $3,743.00
investorclub.com $3,600.00
winlotto.com $3,411.00
r26.com $3,400.00
avsabonline.org $3,400.00
u-o.com $3,350.00
novacap.com $3,333.00
y48.com $3,311.00
333221.com $3,200.00
hybridvehicles.com $3,125.00
52865.com $3,099.00
easycoffee.com $3,026.00
fqcp.com $3,020.00
icec.com $3,002.00
salestech.com $3,000.00
zhujia86.com $3,000.00
egreeting.com $2,950.00
uncalculated.com $2,933.00
trowbridge.com $2,900.00
brandery.com $2,800.00
diplomacy.org $2,710.00
2200.net $2,702.00
51636.com $2,700.00
french.net $2,601.00
backuppower.com $2,601.00
facon.com $2,601.00
auditing.net $2,600.00
ebec.com $2,600.00
parilla.com $2,600.00
roofadvisor.com $2,600.00
espiritosanto.com $2,595.00
persians.com $2,522.00
neworganizing.com $2,522.00
curlers.com $2,501.00
l19.com $2,500.00
btcbiz.com $2,452.00
safetymanagement.com $2,350.00
chicken.net $2,322.00
proteindrinks.com $2,300.00
27939.com $2,300.00
sapin.com $2,300.00
globalworks.com $2,288.00
72389.com $2,210.00
cpjj.com $2,200.00
vrrx.com $2,200.00
geeb.com $2,200.00
toxicologist.com $2,200.00
sj1.com $2,112.00
carenavigator.com $2,108.00
greekgod.com $2,105.00
realtorwebsites.com $2,101.00
pinkshop.com $2,100.00
greatproperties.com $2,099.00
atomicpower.com $2,070.00
767676.com $2,021.00
sj2.com $2,010.00
childrensclothing.com $2,000.00
d45.com $2,000.00
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton