JetPack – One WordPress Plugin To Rule Them All

If you’re like me then you have probably seen your WordPress site go from a few plugins to a few dozen plugins. With more plugins comes more updates and unfortunately more potential security holes. Every single WordPress site that I have had hacked in the past has been because of an insecure plugin. So I’ve scaled-back on my plugin insanity and tried to find some inner WordPress plugin zen.

One of the plugins that’s been earning major kudos in my book is JetPack which is honestly more than a plugin, it really is a layer of awesomeness that adds all kinds of cool functionality to your WordPress site. One of my favorite things about this plugin is that it’s made by the company that makes WordPress so you can bet it is secure, easy to use, and integrates perfectly into your dashboard.


There are tons of great features within JetPack but my favorite is site stats. It may seem like a simple thing but once you have a bunch of sites, using Google Analytics can be an extra step and when you’re busy like me, extra steps tend not to happen. Site stats allows you to see how many people have visited your site and includes a pretty nifty chart that can show you how your traffic has changed week-on-week which is typically what I like to know the most.

Along with site stats Jetpack also has a few other features I like such as VaultPress (which I’ve been using for years) and a slick Contact Form that can save you from having to figure out a third party solution. Sine there’s no cost to using JetPack I really don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want to have it on your blog. Also, since there’s so much functionality built-into Jetpack you can get rid of a few plugins which means less updates, less security holes, and a little bit more simplicity in your life, and we could all use a little of that, right?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton