Domain Of The Day:

Hello and welcome to the domain of the day! Every day I give you some insight into an interesting domain I found during the day and my basic analysis of the name. These are not necessarily names I am buying, instead the goal of this daily post is just to let you know how I evaluate a domain. Today’s domain is:

This domain is what is commonly called a “brandable” domain which means that it would be a great choice for someone looking for a name for their brand. The thing with brandables is they can be terrible flips as you never know how many people in the world would want to use that particular name for their brand. Instead you really have to trust your gut instinct and go with it, knowing that you may never flip the domain.

What I find interesting about this domain is that it is used to belong to an affiliate network that looks like it went out of business back in 2009. When I first heard the word I thought, that sounds like an affiliate program or ad network, so I’m not surprised that it used to be. I would buy this domain if I was looking to start an affiliate program myself, it’s catchy, easy to remember, and is niche-specific which I like.

I would not buy this name as a good resale or flip candidate as you really could be waiting for 5-10 years before an offer comes in and even then the offer could be under $100. So this is one of those names that I’d say is a great fit for someone who is starting an affiliate program, not necessarily a great fit for a domain who wants to do a quick flip or develop and monetize it through a content site.

That’s my take, what do you think?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton