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Marina Del Rey

Wow, this month is flying by, which is a good thing because it possibly is the most insane and chaotic month of my life. It honestly is a perfect storm, luckily it’s a storm of god, not bad things so I’m loving everything I’m doing, but am massively overloaded doing all of them. Here’s what’s going on right now:

  • Fashion Metric – we are using every extra hour in the day working on Fashion Metric and weekend days like today have become full workdays. Starting October 1st every single day will be devoted to Fashion Metric as Daina and I remove our daily 8-10 hour time commitments at our day jobs (or PhD in Daina’s case!). Lately we have had a lot of legal items on our plate which means tons of phone calls and late nights starting at legal docs. On Tuesday we were up until 3:00AM reviewing the language in one legal doc and making sure we understood it perfectly, reminded me a bit of college, minus the Ramen.
  • Transitioning out of my day job – leaving somewhere you’ve worked for 8 years is a lot of work. Many people at the company have become real friends of mine and it means more than anything to me to make sure that I make this transition as easy as possible. I have absolutely loved my time at Sonos and wouldn’t be the same person had it not been for my experiences there, and I guess our condo wouldn’t have nine zones of music either! With only two weeks left it’s crunch time and I am working hard to make sure that everyone is left in good shape and ready to rock for Q4.
  • Linton Investments – my Domain Investment business is absolutely rocking this year, luckily I’ve built this business from the ground up to not require my daily involvement. I have 14 amazing people that make all of this happen behind the scenes. I still spend 1-3 hours/day on the business but most of my time is spent on strategic planning and meeting with my team vs. doing any day-to-day task myself. This is the difference between running a business and being self-employed, I’m all about setting up systems and then finding great people to make it happen.
  • Moving – with our new lives coming up in October we thought it made sense to move as well. We wanted to live somewhere on the water, not a block from the water, not close to the water but on the water. We found a great place in Marina Del Rey, since we’ll be working from home every single day (when we’re not traveling) we wanted to create our ideal work environment. Both Daina and I love being outside, love the ocean, and we both love boats, our new place is on an amazing yacht harbor so we’ll get all three!
  • Reading like crazy – I have always read a lot, but now I’m reading even more. Starting a Domain Investing business is very different from building a Fashion Tech startup, or any startup for that matter, so we have a lot to learn. Once I finish this post I will be diving back into The Startup Owners Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf. Along with this  I’m also reading just about every post from AVC, Chris Dixon, and many more. If you want some more suggestions feel free to shoot me an email!

So, as you can see things are a bit crazy right now, the exciting news is that in two weeks we will have 8-10 hours of time back every single day. I’m not sure you realize how much time a day job takes until you put it like that. This will allow us to put an incredible amount of time and focus on our business, while reclaiming our weekends and being able to go see a movie on a Tuesday night or spend the weekend wine tasting, that’s right we’ll be finally bringing a balance back to our life. Now back to my book, I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton