James Booth just sold 151.com for $415,000

Well it’s starting to feel like not a week goes by without another blockbuster sales by one of the Booth Brothers. Tonight James Booth announced the sale of the numeric domain name 151.com for a whopping $415,000. James made the announcement on Twitter:

While I’m no numeric domains expert this does seem like a pretty stellar sale for a 3N .com. Based on the data I was able to find on NameBio this would rank as the 12th highest NNN.com sale of all time. For those wondering what the top ten NNN sales are, here ya go:

If you look at the dates on these sales this makes 151.com the largest NNN .COM sale in the last three years. While I don’t have any more details on the sale I’m going to ping James on Twitter now and see if he’ll share any more tidbits with me, if he does, I’ll update this post and share on here or in the comment section.

No matter how you slice it, this is one heck of a domain and one awesome sale. Congrats to James, safe to say there’s no slowing this guy down!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton