It’s not just NFT’s that are taking off, so are NFT domain names

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m digging NFTs. From music to art to cards, I think it’s a lot of fun and I believe there’s a bright future ahead for NFTs. Yesterday I changed my profile picture on Twitter to an NFT, and one of my new favorite ways to unwind in the evenings is to browse art NFTs and listen to people that know a lot more than I do talk about NFTs on Clubhouse.

Of course, as we’ve seen over and over again, if something hits it big in the real world, it also hits it big in the domain name world, and yes – the same is true of NFTs. Today on Twitter @RealCryptoBeard announced that he sold two NFT domains, each for $9,250 – here’s the tweet:

NFT Domains Sales

As for how the price point of $9,250 ended up being the magic price is a mystery to me, but the number feels so random I feel like it probably makes a lot of sense. So, CryptoBeard, if you’re reading this, can you explain?

In case you didn’t bring your monocle 🧐  I can share the two domains that sold – NFTAnimes(.)com and NFTMangas(.)com and as he mentioned in the tweet, CryptoBeard has more NFT[Keyword].com domains and I think more sales will be coming.

Now before you go rush out and start buying NFT domains, remember, give Morgan a head start, he wrote the post so let him register some first. Just kidding, go nuts, my investments in the NFT space are going to be pretty focused on NFTs themselves for now.

Congrats to CryptoBeard, two great sales, can’t wait to hear about the next two!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton