It's a Brave New World: Video and SEO

Today, Gary Taylor – a Domainer in the UK had a very interesting post on his blog about video and SEO. In his post he says:

“If you want to get great exposure for your domains then get out the camcorder and start creating videos, almost 30 million Brits are watching!”

For those who haven’t memorized the population of England this is around 60 million – this means that just about half of the population is watching videos online. Gary goes on to explain how important video can be as a part of your SEO strategy:

“Nowadays the savvy online user doesn’t just want to see static images and text, they want a variation of media and visual content to stimulate them and improve their online experience.”

I think this hits the nail on the head. Times are changing – maybe we can start calling it Web 3.0? As domain investors it is essential that we understand our market – and the market is getting tired of static text pages – they want dynamic content. Google has taken note of this and is changing its search engine right now. When logging-into my AdSense account recently I saw the following message:

“In preparation for interest-based advertising, please ensure that your site’s privacy policy is up to date by April 8, 2009. Visitation information from publisher sites will be used to create user interest categories, delivering more relevant ads and improving monetization for publishers over time.”

So get-out your camcorder, your digital camera (with video mode), your webcam, heck – use your iPhone camera – the web is ready…are you?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton