Is mentioning what domains you’re bidding on and the price you’d pay against TOS?

Tonight Drew Walsh posed a good question on Twitter, one that I think is becoming increasingly more relevant – is it okay to share what domains you’re bidding on and the price you’re willing to pay publicly?

Domain Auction Rules

I’m with Drew on this one, I’ve always avoided mentioning auctions I’m bidding on and the price I would pay, and honestly I’ve just assumed there has to be a rule at every auction house that makes this a big no-no.

That being said, I’ve never looked into the TOS in great detail at places like Go Daddy Auctions or which are the two places I am the most active on, like, I visit them every day and they are a part of my life kind of places.

I do think it would impact the integrity of auctions if people shared publicly what they’re bidding on and what price they’d go up to. With this information other bidders could decide to participate in an auction or sit it out which would without a doubt impact the bidding activity.

Like I said, I haven’t done a deep dive into the TOS of auction platforms but I’m guessing one of my readers has…if that’s you, I’m just as curious as Drew is. Is this a written rule or just a general code of conduct we all (mostly) seem to be following?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton