Interview with the one and only DoseBuy, a new Domainer who isn’t afraid to speak his mind

There been a new addition to the Domaining world this year that has caught my eye and many others, his name is Johan Jönsson but you might know him as @dosebuy on Twitter.

If you’ve followed Johan on Twitter then you know he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and he’s been particularly vocal about his passion for .CX domains. Of course, he is investing in .COM and in fairly short-order has managed to cover his renewal fees so if he plays his cards right will end up with a profitable first year in Domaining.

At first I was annoyed by Johan’s constant promotion of .CX, I didn’t get it. Then, as I got to know him better, I became pretty impressed with his willingness to try new things and share what he’s doing so publicly. While I might not agree with everything he’s investing in, I have a lot of respect for his enthusiasm for the industry and openness, and something tells me we’re all going to watch him continue to grow his investments and surprise us over time.

I asked Johan if he would be game for an interview and he was all for it, so without further ado, let’s get to know Johan a bit better.

[MORGAN] How did you first discover the concept of Domain Investing?

[JOHAN] I had a couple of domains way back. .se domains for personal use. Then this summer I was in an argument with a friend and we always end up in confirming things via Google. So as I joke I wanted to create a page called And when you type it in the page would just say ”Yes”. That way I could win every argument.Then it just took of from there I guess.

[MORGAN]  What are some of the resources you’ve been using to learn?

[JOHAN] Its mainly Namepros and the Darryl Lopez Domain Talk group. Awesome people all around. Also got a lot of new friends, both newbies and experienced domainers. Its been really fun.

[MORGAN] What do you currently do for a living?

[JOHAN] I work as a Application Consultant for a Warehouse Management System. Configuring and developing stuff so the Logistic processes in a warehouse and supply Chain will be executed in a more smooth way. Yes, I know it sounds super exciting right? Zzzzz

[MORGAN] You’ve been very bullish on .CX domain names, what % of your portfolio do you think will be .CX vs. .COM?

[JOHAN] I have 330 names. Only 18 .cx.I just have a good feeling about them. CX is insanely big as a industry since its the abbreviation of Customer Experience. And also the crypto-crowd are fond of the name. I truly belive it will be some big .cx sales in the upcoming year. So I had to reg some keywords.But I only sold 1 .cx so far. to

[MORGAN] You recently made some sales that have now covered your renewal fees. Do you have a revenue goal in mind for this year that would make Domaining feel like a good conversion of time to money?

[JOHAN] No, I only had the goal to cover my renewals. Now I need to sell for around $1500 more to cover my investment. And that will be no problem it looks like.I have no number-goal. Im just glad I can sit safe in the boat for 1.5 years more before panic will arise.

[MORGAN]  How many hours a week do you think you spend on Domaining now?

[JOHAN] 2 hours a day maybe. Mostly during lunch-time and the occational toilet break, haha. So maybe 14 hours a week?It has replaced my Facebook/Instagram/Netflix/PS4-time more or less.

[MORGAN] Do you invest in the stock market and/or real estate? If so how do you think about dividing up your investments?

[JOHAN] Nope. Nothing like that. I own some but its long term and nothing Im following to close.

[MORGAN] What are your career goals? Do you plan to continue to work where you do now or is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing that you’re still striving to do someday?

[JOHAN] I’m a journalist at bottom, so to have a chance writing about hockey again I would love. Have worked as a sports journalist before and really love to express myself in writing. So a book or something would surely be fun to produce.

[MORGAN] Are you coming to NamesCon next year?

[JOHAN] Haven’t thought about it. But If I can get some big sales done and the economy allows it, it would for sure be a fun experience. Im all about learning and Im humbled by many of the domainers reaching out with tips and tricks. It’s a great community.

[MORGAN] Tell us one fun fact about Johan that we might not know.

[JOHAN] I was a twitter phenomenon in Sweden under the last active years as a Hockey player. Mostly due to this profile pic from a statistic-pageönsson

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton