Inside Domain Flipping Newsletter Launched!

I’ve been planning on creating a newsletter for some of my more advanced users for a while now. The blog’s goal has always been to provide an excellent *free* educational resource for new domainers. While there is certainly plenty that a more advanced domainer can learn from my blog – the target audience has always been those starting-out in the domaining world.

Rather than start another blog (which I officially don’t have time for!) I thought it would be great to start a bi-monthly newsletter for my more advanced readers. This newsletter will detail some of my most advanced tips and tricks not shared on my blog or in any of my books. The newsletter is completely free. You can sign-up for it at:

I hope you all enjoy another free educational resource from The Domain Flipper!

And, as always – don’t forget to read my book.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton