Anatomy of a Flip: Day 3

Here we are, three days into our next hot flip – FitnessGames(dot)us. You can read the previous two posts to understand how we got to where we are today. This was another quick day taking much less than an hour of work.

Below is a list of tasks I completed today.

The first task I needed to complete today was the creation of the internal pages of my site. Since I made the main page yesterday it is very easy to simply remove the content from this page and copy it over four times. I now have five templates that have my links and top graphic as well as the Google Adsense ads I added to the front page.

Task: Create template for internal pages of the site
Time to complete task: 5 minutes

Next it was time to write the content for each of my internal pages. For a flip like this I know that people will be looking for information – a next step to solve their problem. If someone clicks on Fitness Books they don’t want to read a lot of text but instead expect to see lots of books for sale. Remember, the goal of your flip should always be to provide an educational resource while effectively monetizing your traffic.

You don’t have to be a master at the pen to write content for your flips. Start with something simple, like I’ve said all along, this can improve over time, it’s important to get something out there.

In total I wrote less than a page…but I spent 30 minutes on it. This might seem like a lot of time but I pay careful attention to the keywords that I use in my content. I use WordTracker to help determine the best words to use so that my sites will rank well in search engines – this is key.

Task: Create content for 4 interal pages
Time to complete task: 30 minutes

That’s it – ahead of schedule again…this might be finished in closer to 6 days at this pace! Total time spent today – 35 minutes. Phew, another hard day of work Domain Flipping. Stay tuned tomorrow for the fourth day of our flip!

You can follow the flip at FitnessGames(dot)us

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton