Anatomy of a Flip: Day 2

It is now day 2 in the one-week flip of FitnessGames(dot)us. I’ve spent just about 35 minutes today on the flip and I’m already ahead of schedule! Here’s what I did on day 2:

The first thing you need to do when setting-up the site is create the navigation system. Don’t worry about having the perfect navigation system right-away. Your domain will evolve over time – focus on simple navigation that is easy to use. I made a simple bar in Photoshop that should be perfect for navigation links to sit on top of. This will help the links stand-out from the rest of the page and ensure they are easy to read.

Task: Create link bar for site
Time to complete task: 10 minutes

Next I had to code the HTML for the links. That’s right…I do still write HTML by hand the old fashioned way. I use Text Wrangler on my trusty Mac to write all of my code. If you want to really flip a domain yourself, you better know HTML. This is an essential skill that you should know if this is the line of work you plan on getting into. Coding the links is a simple task and was completed in just a few minutes.

Task: Write HTML code for links
Time to complete task: 5 minutes

The final task of the day was to write some good content for the first page and put this together with some nice Google Adsense ads. It took about ten minutes to write the content and then another ten minutes to code the rest of the webpage with Adsense and all.

Task: Write content for first page of site & add Google Adsense
Time to complete task: 20 minutes

That’s 35 minutes of my time today and I’ve already done even more than I need to. With the main page built you now have many page elements already created for you. Using this page as a template tomorrow I’ll start building-out the internal pages.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email at:

Have a great Tuesday night and happy flipping!

You can watch the site as it develops at www.FitnessGames(dot)us

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton