I’m On The First Page Of Google For WHAT?!?

I was looking over my Google Webmaster Tool data over the weekend as I usually do. Now normally I just pay-attention to which terms are bringing in the most traffic, and how I can optimize around those or new keywords I want to target. However this weekend I couldn’t help but spend a few extra minutes pouring over the tons of wacky search terms that I happen to rank well for.

While many of these terms provide very little search volume every one of them has brought at least one new visitor to the site. Of course it’s the Domaining-related keywords that bring in a majority of my organic traffic, but it’s fun to see how some of my article titles have given me prime real estate for some wacky searches.

You can do a Google search yourself if you don’t believe me, but yes, somehow and some way my blog is on the first page of Google for the following ten searches, that I’ve deemed as a pretty darn wacky way to find my site!

  1. it’s my airplane
  2. investor tv
  3. adrift in macau
  4. typical sunday
  5. how to get on an earlier flight
  6. asian photography awards 2010
  7. harder than I thought
  8. 6:00pm pst
  9. 7:00pm pst
  10. sales tracking spreadsheet

And there you have it folks – the MorganLinton.com top ten wackiest first-page Google listings! Feel free to share your own. If you’d like to know the top keywords that bring people to my sites those are:

  • Domain Investing
  • ccTLDs
  • ccTLD Investing
  • Domain Monetization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool

These are the keywords I’m targeting and I’m very happy with where I rank…still it blows my mind that somewhere out there someone is searching for “it’s my airplane” or “adrift in macau” and finding my site on the first page. What is this world coming to! 🙂 Feel free to share your own if you’re a Webmaster Tools geek like me.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton