Domaining SEO Sunday: Top 10 Search Engine Marketing Tips From SMX London

I hope everyone is having a great weekend – it looks like SEO is in the air since I did a post about SEO yesterday as well! Today I thought I’d keep it short and sweet. SMX is the largest search marketing conference in the world, I haven’t been to one yet but I hope to attend one soon! Search Engine Land did a great article back in May of this year about the top ten search engine marketing tips from SMX London.

The article had some great tips, my three favorite were:

  1. Use Mozenda for keyword research – apparently this tool can actually scrap Google Adwords Keyword Tool data and create a spreadsheet of keywords. As a big keyword nut this sounds like an exciting tool and I’ll be playing-around with it this week!
  2. Twitter links can improve your rank – I already knew this one but it’s always important to emphasize, Twitter is a great way to grow link love!
  3. Look for actionable analytics data – focus on data you can impact yourself, don’t waste time with detailed reports containing data that you can’t change. Make sure you are creating custom reports so you can focus on the data that is important to you and track your progress over time.

Read the full article for all ten search engine marketing tips from SMX London!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton