I'm Always Learning – Are You?

I received a negative comment on my most recent post about Bing vs. Google. Rather than getting angry or deciding not to publish the post I thought – hey, maybe they have a good point. The point of this blog is to share my knowledge about Domain Investing and SEO with others. I have been involved in the Domaining community for over two years now and have to say I get more and more inspired by this industry each day!

That being said, I think it is important to remember that I am always learning. As many of you know my background is in Engineering and in my software development days I used to love finding bugs in programs. There was something satisfying about finding an edge case, something that wouldn’t happen often, and fixing it. With each error I fixed, I usually learned something new that would help me with future programs.

Well I think the exact same thing is true in blogging. I’ve been running this blog since October of 2007 and I have to say I couldn’t have done it without you – my readers! As a blog publisher I can tell you that comments are what make it all worthwhile – to know that you are connecting with people is an incredible feeling. Since its inception this blog has helped countless Domainers get started in the industry and I get comments, emails, and phone calls from my readers many of whom have become successful Domainers.

But, and this is a big BUT – I always remind myself that I am always learning. When I started this blog I was learning about domain flipping and starting my domain investment company. Over the last two years I’ve learned literally thousands of valuable lessons, many through my own mistakes. It is learning from these mistakes that have helped my business grow to the point it is at today and helped my blog become what it is today.

Still, I’ve only been blogging for about two years – I can’t imagine what the blog will be like three years from now – but hopefully it will continue to grow and become an even more valuable resource. I’ve only had a handful of negative comments out of the hundreds of comments written on this blog – but from each one I’ve tried to learn more about what I can do to make the blog better.

So what am I saying here? I’m saying that you can learn the most from the mistakes that you make. It is essential that everyone keeps an open mind and remembers that you should always be learning. The second you close your mind and hit the “Delete” button when you get a negative comment is the day you stop learning.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and keep them coming! Your comments are what help make this blog better and in the end help me provide better content for my readers.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton