Are you ready for the Bing revolution?

Don’t worry – this blog post is not sponsored by Microsoft and I will not waste your time blowing smoke up their you know what. What I will say is that Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine is definitely going to shake things up a bit in the search market and Domainers will benefit from this!

Please don’t mistake me for a Microsoft-lover, I’m a Google-guy to the core and die-hard Mac user (just look at my Mac Ad). As a Domainer that also wears a very large SEO hat I pay careful attention to what is going on in the search market and determine who myself and my readers can benefit.

If you don’t know much about Bing definitely read TechCrunch’s article titled, “Are Bing Users Twice As Likely To Click On An Ad Than Google Users?” My answer to this is “no” it is the law of large numbers at work here (i.e. more people searching on Google than Bing so biased data here), but, this data is encouraging.

So what does all this Bing hype mean for you and me? It’s not actually anything Bing is doing better than Google that will cause a revolution, but instead is simply the fact that Bing exists. Google has enjoyed being the the king of search for a long time now and finally there is a strong competitor entering the ring.

I think that competition can bring-out the best in both people and companies and that’s exactly what I think will happen here. Google is definitely an innovative company but they’ll have to speed-up their innovation and come-out with cooler technology faster in order to keep pace with Microsoft. Microsoft, on the other-hand I wouldn’t exactly call the “king of cool” – BUT, and this is a big BUT, they have a ton of cash and when they devote themselves to a project you can be certain some exciting new innovations will come from this.

As someone who studies SEO and uses this to make money I am taking a very careful look at what these two companies are doing to out-innovate each other. Through these innovations all of us will benefit. Since Bing is very new I don’t have any magical formula to tell you, but I have noticed something interesting. Bing seems to be doing an excellent job of ignoring TLD and focusing on domain name and content.

Just search for “Domaining” on Bing and you’ll find “” right there with “” something that you won’t find on Google or Yahoo. As a big ccTLD fan I think this could represent *very* good things for Domainers.

So keep your eyes open because there is a revolution going on!

Agree with me? Disagree and want to slam me on my own blog? Go for it – share your opinion! I publish all comments unless they contain profanity or just plain mean 🙂

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton